No Mixing
Thrive Feed is not normal horse feed. You cannot mix it with normal horse feed to make your own combination like you can with ordinary feeds. The results you see and hear others obtaining are only available if my product is used as advised and directed.
Thrive Feed has a different changeover system to normal horse feed. When you are ready to changeover, you feed only hay and water for 24 hours, then start Thrive Feed at the recommended initial feeding rate.
Feeding Quantities
The rule of thumb for starting horses who are at a normal weight is 4lbs per 1000lbs body weight per day. For rescue horses just feed free choice as much as they will eat. They will self-regulate as they recover from starvation.

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Why such amazing results?
Regardless of what you are building, you cannot create the best from industrial waste products. Start with high quality, wholesome, pure ingredients. It goes without saying that any byproducts, ground roughage products, generic groups of ingredients, and human food production waste products like beet pulp are not on my ingredient list. Essentially, what goes into Thrive Feed you would be happy to eat yourself.

​Micro milling.
The process of micro milling creates a meal with a huge surface area. This allows the digestive enzymes, bile salts, bacteria, and protozoa to efficiently convert Thrive Feed into useful nutrients.

The micro milled raw ingredients are conditioned, then steam extruded.
The process of wet steam extrusion processes the raw starch in the ingredients and makes the starch water soluble. This allows the horses digestive system to treat Thrive Feed as though it was grass. Ingredient conditioning, and then wet steam extrusion increases the digestibility dramatically, it’s over 90%. Most of what you feed becomes horse and not poop!

Gut pH support to promote remarkable digestive efficiency.
The hind gut pH of a horse is critical to the efficient utilization of forage grass and hay, a horses basic energy source. The most efficient microbial energy converters in a horses gut like a more alkaline environment, and that is just what Thrive Feed supports. There is no raw starch in to ferment into acid and alcohol in the cecum and burning the cecal lining.

More efficient use of hay and grasses, just the way it should be.
A horses gut is most efficient when the intestinal pH is in the correct range. Because Thrive Feed encourages a desirable pH in a horses metabolism, the enzymes work efficiently in the small intestine, and the bacteria in the cecum flourish in the more alkaline environment. A more efficient use of grass means less total feed intake in the long term, and that saves you money.


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