Cal Rei Topacio Dressage Saddle Cloth


Our Saddle cloths and Numnahs have the capacity to keep their shape and not distort. Their comfort and long lasting features are unique.  After use they retain their original properties, such as durable resistance, shape, contour, flexibility and toughness.

The “spring effect” caused by millions of vertical microfibers which are interconnected among them, give a perfect distribution of the pressure, avoiding any pain or damage to the horse. Due to its excellent ventilation and respiratory properties there is no accumulation of humidity nor sweat.


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Colour : White, Black, Navy, Red, Orange, Beige, Royal Blue, Green

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Cal Rei is a company dedicated to the research, manufacture and sale of technical textile products for horse riding. Cal Rei have brought together the experience of a great horse rider with the experience of an expert in fabric and the result has been fantastic.

The idea came up as we realised that the products currently on the market are not suitable for the horses, as they are subject to many hours of training, therefore sweating a great deal and the animals’ joints, tendons, back swell just like those of any sports player. Any serious sportsperson wears breathable, ventilated, lightweight and comfortable clothing.  Logically, horses should be treated the same.

As serious injuries can be caused by the overheating of the joints and sweating, we strive to provide products unlike other padded or non-padded products made of thick imitation leather, polyester, fleece, etc. whose characteristics are not the most suitable for a sports animal such as the horse. For this reason Cal Rei, with the support, opinion and supervision of a team of great professionals, renowned veterinarians, important trainers and horse riders, and experts with more than 35 years in the textile world, decided to design textile products for horses that were differentbreathablelight, and above all specifically designed for these greatly appreciated and loved athletes. Cal Rei designs all products with the maximum precision for them to be perfect and 100% functional for the horse. Our philosophy is good service and maximum product quality.   With a team of experts, each specialised in their field, Cal Rei aim to build on their knowledge and strive to improve day by day.


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